Monday, November 12, 2007

About Me

These are the jottings of a retired Indian bureacrat.
I have led a life time of study, work and enjoyment -
a most satisfying life.

I love reading, writing, photography and keeping pets.
I have travelled a lot. I have written a lot including several books.
I have taught post graduat students.

This blog will contain reminiscences scatted over several decades.
They will also contain photographs.

If I am not coherent, this is because of the time involved.
A life time can not be compressed into a moment.

If you enjoy what you read, tell others. I
f you find occasion to criticise, do so, but please let me be the first to hear.


suju said...

Dear sir,
i came upon this absloute treasure trove unintentionally but I am so glad.The content contained here is mindblowing.didn't know india was so beautiful,so unique and drenched with the beauty of nature.thank you for unravelling all these mysterious and unknown places to the viewers.much appreciated so much so that i would like to keep this page so that i may visit some of the places mentioned here.
Mrs muliyil

Dr. Binoy Gupa x Chief Commissioner of Income Tax said...

Thanks for your nice comments.
I only write to inform my readers of the various beautiful places in India.

Parijata said...

Dear Sir,
Your Observation on Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and surrounding areas is just excellent.

But Why our Government is able to Protect the Natural Prestine Treasure for the Next Generation. I am born and brought up citizen of this place. I cannot match this forest with any one. I visited Nairobhi Natinal Park in Kenya and Cross River State Forest in Nigeria but the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Anshi National Park cannot be matched with them. As a school going boy I have seen crocodiles walking on the roadsides, Slender lorris just in my back yard, Tigers, Elephants, Wild Bison or Gaurs, Kind Cobras, Ant Eater, Huge Flying Squirrel and plenty of Birds. But due to Paper Industry and its famous Kali River Pollution, Indian Plywood Mill, Indian Ferro Alloys spoiled the entire virgin forest and people which these projects brought into this jungle have spoiled, killed and what not. Kali Hydro Electric Dam is the final assault done to this for least concern to the biodiversity this place has. It has anti cancer plants like Mappia Foetida. One gram Chemicals or Taxol derived from this plant is 500 US Dollars. But who cares for all this natural wonder drugs? Forest Department is just interested in promoting more and more Teak Wood plant. Person like you have visited this place, I want you to further involve in taking up the issue at MoEF level and help to preserve this for the next generation.
Hemanta R Naik
Opposite CMC Ground ( Old ),Dandeli
581 325 U.K. Karnataka